Yes, I choose to commit to the principles of The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship. I will do so personally and in my relationships, and encourage our political leaders to bring these principles to life.

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We now have 202 signers

Rylmorp - Freetown, AK SL
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Jeff - Montgomery Center, VT US
Cheryl - Hamilton, ON CA
Kavita Byrd - New York, NY US
Apsypestiovedy - San Jose, CO AF
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Caseydarce - Lianyungang, CO CN
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John Dean - Robina, QL AU
peaceful unification of all creeds and people must happen
andrew welch - seaford, SU UK
Nishant Bhatt - Thornhill, ON CA
Thank you!
Trudy Harrold - Lamont, AB CA
Mandala Centre supports this commitment. Thank you so much for the work each and everyone is doing. It is so empowering to know there are others! Blessings
Rob Laird - Toronto, ON CA
John Mark Robertson - Belleville, ON CA
Wilma Lee Steele - Nettie, WV US
Zita Savage - Palm Harbor, FL US
Brian Harper - ILTON, GB
I am thrilled to have found you
Michael McCluskey - South Yarmouth, MA US
Prem Kamble - Chennai, IN
"I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be 'scientifically ' explained and we will see that there is only one so-called God, which is a power within each one of us. Man will see his folly. " - This is a quote from my book "God in Two Minutes " (Amazon). My thoughts seem to match very closely with Sane Spirituality
Bryan Pannill - Woodbridge, CT US
This is beautiful. This is hope.
Dr.Subhash Chandra - Gurgaon, IN
Yes, I choose to commit to the principles of The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship.
Rosemary McKnight - Albany, CA US
May you all be loved, safe, well, at ease, peaceful, and content. Namaste
Catherine Anne Clark - NORTH YORK, ON CA
A Celebration of Women The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care Web: This global platform for women leaders is Taking Action to celebrate positive action happening across our world. Our mission is to educate, inspire and motivate all women to step up and Take Action in their community, with a central vision of a world, through our future women leaders with no violence required, as communication will prevail and succeed.
Jim Earles - Dubuque, IA US
There is so much irrational fear today around the concept of a coming One World Government and this is maybe somewhat justified, given the terrible examples set by most of the individual governments around the world but this website sets forth the beautiful spiritual principles which will truly bring the world together as ONE! The world can only bring about peace when each human heart is governed by a manifesto such as this a true democracy of the human spirit!
Arlene Mazak - Anaheim, CA US
Bhavani - Windham, NH US
Thank you. I am honored.
Ignacio Ucin - San Sebastian, ES
Truth is One and Ethernal.
Tyson Chase - Salt Lake City, UT US
louella rosie jones - newburgh, NY US
For so long, I have searched for such an organization, to be part of a selective group who stand firm in the belief system of universal energy and the power to impact the world in positive, peaceful and productive ways. I think my call has finally been answered! I am exhilerated to have surfaced on this site!
Jean Plourde - Lysekil, SE
Kevin J. Hardwick - Hillsboro, OR US
Druins Grove accepts and embraces the Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship Fully.
Michael Hallundbaek - Lincolnville, ME US
Kevin Spath - Peekskill, NY US
Joyce Auclair - Marlborough, MA US
This is the new "Call of Duty "! Thank you!
Priscilla Keeney - Rome, PA US
Marie-Claire Van Besouw - Frankston, VI AU
Let 's DO this!!
Astrid - Milton, ON CA
Oasis Institute for Healthy Living is aligned with these principles.
Martin Maglay - Bratislava, SK
Graham Rankin - Aspendale, VI AU
Now that 's a vision I can relate to. Nice.
Ellis Gold - El Sobrante, CA US
It 's a no brainer. We are one weather we like it or not. I like it. How about you? Namaste!
Joell Parks - Seattle, WA US
I pledge with all my heart to always strive to see the good in all and to honor my sacred Buddhist vows.
Ambika - Ranchi, IN
what a wonderful idea!!
Laura Uma East - Amissville, VA US
Naresh Sardana - Mississauga, ON CA
Parvin Behboodi - Toronto, ON CA
Imam Habeeb Alli - tORONTO, ON CA
Love one another and Allah will love you!
Jeanne Barry - Strongsville, OH US
Thank you!
Stephanie Dinan - Douglas, ON CA
Rich Cohen - Wilsonville, OR US
Tom Howlett - Chapel Hill, NC US
Now is the time to commit and respond to global unity in our own unique and individual ways. Thankyou for putting out the Call!
bhlmecd - msSLWOQIvgiWeiqGbVT, SA GN
yRXc4X figbmonuyytn
Margie - eKrxtAzAp, NT CF
AFAIC that 's the best answre so far!
Bonnie-kate Allen - Falmouth, ME US
Lalla Brutoco - Santa Barbara, CA US
Acknowledging the Oneness. Thank-you for this opportunity.
Colleen Myers - Portland, ME US
loca samastha sukhino bhavantu
Alan Zuberbuehler - Milwaukee, WI US
Freedom for the soul will best be found in the land where there is freedom for the individual.
Jonathan Emerson - Los Angeles, CA US
Dmitri Potemkin - Oceanside, CA US
greg iezzi - carrollton, TX US
Yossi Lopez-Hineynu - Chicago, IL US
Kathy Crewe - Toronto, ON CA
John Keegan - Port Hadlock, WA US
Robert Lyons - Sandia Park, NM US
George Kandle - Katonah, NY US
It 's a wonderful form of commitment.
Kikanza J. Nuri - Los Angeles, CA US
Breath by breath, word by word, we seek to transform ourselves and our world.
kanyinda mujani pathy - johannesburg, ZA
the global spiritual is a very necessity for me
joan Goblet - warrenville, IL US
Peace and blessings to all mankind.
Theresa M Langfield - Wheaton, IL US
Ivan Kruh - Ossining, NY US
Integrated Interspirituality is the only obvious path forward. We must open, to the sacred within, the sacred in one another, and the infinite sacred of this universe.
Mary Krystinak - Wheaton, ID US
Karen Tornberg - Wheaton, IL US
Diane Przyborowski - Warrenville, IL US
Lynn - Wheaton, IL US
Sheila Kinsey - Rome, IT
I accept the call to be an instrument of peace,transformation, hope and healing.
Judy Norman - Coon Rapids, MN US
So it is written so let it be done.
Tom Nehring - Frankfort, IL US
Look over the nations and see, and be utterly amazed! For a work is being done in your days that you would not have believed, were it told. (Hebrew Scriptures - Habakkuk 1:5)
Roger Eaton - San Francisco, CA US
The up side of the down side is that now global unity is a necessity. As more and more people realize that necessity, the movement for a world that works for all is gathering momentum.
Glenna Czachor - Wheaton, IL US
As a Global Spiritual Citizen, I endeavor to live a life in harmony and peace with all of Creation, recognizing that what I do and what I think; how I live, the choices I make, can and does have an affect on the entire planet. Thoughts are energy, and thus have as much positive or negative affect on Creation. I answer the Call to be attentive and aware of these truths.
veronica ward - Kansas City, MO US
once you experience the oneness you cannot see any other way...may all see this way.
Colene Walker - Lincoln, NE US
It is an honor to be asked. I affirm in my living to answer this call. colenewalker
Christopher Schaefer - Great Barrington, MA US
Spiritual Development and Humanity and Earth awareness are essential aspects of a common future. Without it the 21st century promises to be more harrowing for large segments of the glbal population than the 20th. The Call s a way we can remind ourselves of what is essential. Thanks
Melani Nevrkla - Uppsala, SE
Let all our Hopes and Dreams for LOVE, Peace and Freedom and Healing Gaia come true! ((( ))) Namaste
Jason Forrest - Woodland, CA US
catherine love - strood rochester, KE UK
Its a pleasure to connect to this global network.. let us all join together and create change.
Dr. Arup Barman - Silchar, IN
I choose to commit to the principles of The Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship. I will do so personally and in my relationships, and encourage our political leaders to bring these principles to life.
Rick Norman - La Canada, CA US
What he/she/they said...oh yeah!
Norman Kraus - Harrisonburg, VA US
Thanks for taking initiative.
Deborah Payson - Bryn Mawr, PA US
I believe this is important work and am glad to add my name to the growing list.
Ahimsa - Fredericton, NB CA
thank you for offering this ... all blessings!!
Trevor Wood - Bradford, YO UK
Milagros Perez - bronx, NY US
thank you.
Sanjay - Tucson, AZ US
Guenther Liebisch - Lund, SE
I saw the webside and find the idea of GSC to be both a practical and a spiritual way to solidarity and hope in our world.
margarita carcamo - unionville, ON CA
Deeply moved and hurt by the tragedy in Haiti and more so by what is being imposed upon its people, I join this call in hope/trust of change.
Barbara Davis - Columbus, OH US
Amelia Hefferlin - Dexter, MI US
Lorraine Norminton - Dundas, ON CA
Diana J. Wong-MingJi - Ann Arbor & Van. BC, MI US
With gratitude for creating a gathering place where my work/life/spirit on cultural mythology and global leadership have space to BE.
Catherine Lilly - Ann Arbor, MI US
This effort expresses my heart 's desire. I am in deep grattitude for making a place where we can affirm our commitment to doing this together.
Trinette Wellesley - St. Barthelemy, GP
Edith Lewis - Ann Arbor, MI US
Thank you for initiating this effort and to all who have joined it.
Sheldon Bilsker - Vancouver BC, BC CA
Mary Lilly - Tiffin, OH US
As a member of Pax Christi, I and others stand downtown with large signs to protest the wars. We encourage honks for peace. We also sponsor large panel discussions on topics like a solution to the Israel/ Palestine problem.
John - Ann Arbor, MI US
Quite a moment, when so many are awakening to their global and universal citizenry -- awareness of our unbounded depths and our all inclusive expanse is our answer to the global death propelled edge we are walking and the the transcended and transformed life together we are longing for.
Jim Crowfoot - Ann Arbor, MI US
thank you to the initiators of this call and to all the other people who are endorsing it and seeking to actively --inwardly and outwardly--to manifest its realities.
Michael - Augusta, GA US
Alison Hine - ann arbor, MI US
Leslie Mezei - Toronto, ON CA
Finally totally leaving the Forge Guild, joining this.
Yvonne Hammer - H rby, SE
Glenna Frey - Whitehouse, OH US
Pamela - Stouffville, ON CA
Nini White - Sausalito, CA US
Blessed and fascinating times! Thank you for this connector site.
Susan Allan - Santa Barbara, CA US
Amy Lifton - Bloomington, IN US
Beth Freedman - Elgin, TX US
It would be a privilege to be part of this effort.
Mike Eitelman - Lakeway, TX US
Salvation of the world depends on me. -ACIM
Paula Baruch - Ancaster, ON CA
Mimmi Gibson - Stockholm, SE
Tomas Lindstr m - Stockholm, SE
Laura Gil Gonz lez - Ensenada, Ba MX
The Call: 'Presente' es mi respuesta (my answer is "Present")
Peter Oskarson - STOCKHOLM, No SE
mary p - washington, MO US
Linda Groff - Playa del Rey, CA US
Everyone in the world is being challenged to come together, honor our oneness and diversity, cooperate in solving pressing global problems, and unleash the human spirit and creativity in everyone to respond to the challenges facing humanity today.
Amy Thakurdas - Valley Village, CA US
What exciting times! As we see the unity in diversity, we learn to change limitations to infinite returns. May our collective journey lead us to find the infinite in the finite - allowing us to become beacons in the fog and darkness. The Call allows us to unite our disconnected views to an awareness of the symphony of cosmic harmony.
Sam Crowell - Idyllwild, CA US
May our actions in the world emanate from a grateful heart. May they manifest understanding, compassion, and love. May they seek no reward, make no claims, and avoid force and contrivance. May they expand the creative potential of all life.
trudy binder - toronto, ON CA
J. Rigzin Tute - Toronto, ON CA
I just discovered this website and find its principles to be a ray of light in our world. I affirm the call from an Integrally informed perspective, and will strive to live up to its mission, always seeking for the highest and most universal means of applying it in my life.
Daniel J Benor, MD - Guelph, ON CA
Humanity has a collective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from millennia of hurts, fears, angers and hatreds. We can come together more readily if we clear these - first and foremost in ourselves. We can also clear these from the collective consciousness, using healing methods like WHEE and Ho-oponopono. Blessings, Dan
Jeffry H. Utter - Pasadena, CA US
I affirm every word of the Call. I believe, however, that what we are here called to will not come into being without our willingly accepted suffering. The unity of humanity is coming to birth; and birth hurts. But this will be a healthy delivery, thanks to people like those who labored over this call.
kenley - Shanghai, CN
glad to be in this movement!
Helen Fung - Hertingfordbury, GB
Suzanne Maxwell - Placitas, NM US
In my own journey, the discovery is this: to the extent deep inquiry and alignment take place within me is the extent of my capacity for joy, even in the face of opportunities disguised as insurmountable challenges. Consider me signed up for joy.
Max Treep - Baltimore, MD US
Thanks for putting this out. We need such agreement and this is a good example!
Leon Le Mercier - Singapore, SG SG
Steven Ballou - Manchester, NH US
Tom Wolf - Chicago, IL US
Elsa LaFlamme - Placitas, NM US
The life force that sustains all of life is described in each religion and in physics, as well. We know that it can transform our world for the better if we align ourselves with it. Love of all life is required for this to happen.
Jari Dvorak - Toronto, ON CA
This is a call to recognize our true nature that transcends all boundaries. May it empower me and countless others to live the divine life.
Rev. Jacob Watson - Portland, ME US
Howard Herscovici - Warkworth, ON CA
Christine Hibbard, PhD - Boulder, US
Alexandra Katehakis - Los Angeles, CA US
Let us join hands and answer the Call in our daily affairs in hopes of setting an example towards global citizenry.
Kay Lindahl - Long Beach, CA US
The timing for this Call is perfect. May it speack to all who long for a way to speak about these issues.
Charles T. Tart - Berkeley, CA US
Sally Mahe - San Francisco, CA US
Yes, may this Call call forth global friendships and conversations that give rise to actions for the common good by global spiritual citizens
Will Arnup - Haliburton, ON CA
The concept from Christianity that I always liked was that of the Holy Spirit. This entity lives through the love between the "Father and the Son".
Nicole Feix - Toronto, ON CA
Sophie Green - Toronto, CA
Shu-wei - Singapore , SG
What a refreshing statement. I look forward to see the work you do in the future!
Hana James - Montreal, ON CA
Phil Stott - Pontypool, CA
I will sign, although I want to emphasize that I do not support a World Government or organized religion per-se.
Rick Gehring - Port Perry, CA
Finally, a combined effort amongst the various religions. It is long overdue.
Jennifer Lee - Pickering, ON CA
Debra Gehring - Port Perry, CA
One step at a time, we will accomplish Global Spiritual Citizenship.
Colin Outram - Toronto, ON CA
Jeff Willis - Toronto, ON, CA
Michael Herring - Toronto, ON CA
Sheila Furness - Toronto, ON CA
Beautiful and inspiring...a true call to action.
Jennifer Dickman - Wallingford, PA US
Katharyn Morgan - San Diego, CA US
I will post this on my fridge to read often as a motivation for my actions in the world.
Donna Oliver - Toronto, ON CA
Thanks for the call. We all have a responsibility to change the world for the better. It happens one small individual step at a time, but together we will be rushing river of steps that have been a long time coming.
Lewis Schiralli - Sydney, NS AU
Jeanette Renouf - Tucson, AZ US
An inspiring, beautiful statement of belief and action.
Aaron Zerah - Roberts Creek, CA
Timothy L. Weitzel, Ph.D. - Walnut Creek, CA US
So beautiful. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this was created :-)
Joe Landfield - L:aguna Woods, CA US
At last there is hope for our planet. THANK YOU! Who you are Makes a difference
Patrick Leroy Clark - Yakima, WA US
Let us get on with it
Silver Feldman, Age 20 - La Canada, CA US
It is long overdue that we humans be called up to a higher level of thinking to make our world work better for everyone. We are a people of many beliefs, differences, cultures and meanings and as such we have a responsibility as a community to unite and create a world that is best for ourselves, our families, and the collective we. Thank you for calling us up to a higher level of being.
Eli Bay - Toronto, ON CA
Now is our time to come together and heal ourselves and the world.
Lydia - Canoga Park, CA US
This is exactly what I wanted. Obviously, others have wanted it also. This is totally inspired co-creation at its best!
Shelly Rowen - Toronto, CA
Nancy Sinclair - Newmarket, ON CA
Gary W. Richman - Carmel, CA US
I believe the call is in sink with the portal of light opening up with the Obama presidency.
Carrie Bernard - Mississauga, ON CA
Susan Quinn - Poinciana, FL US
We all need to find ways to overcome polarization; the Call will help us.
don pachuta - needham , MA US
It is a great joy to feel the spirit of this call and to be a part of it
Martin Rutte - Santa Fe, NM US
Clearly this Call is part of our co-creating Heaven on Earth.
Melissa Gayle West - seattle, WA US
Wow! What an inspiring document!Sending it now to all my friends.
Lin Taylor - victoria, CA
Stephen Hudecki - Hamilton, ON CA
Perfectly said. I am in with bells bowls and drums on. And ALL for the wellbeing of another!
Alice Loyd - Raleigh, NC US
bob mcgahey - Burnsville, NC US
I feel a renewed sense of inspiration upon rereading this profound, deeply true document. May we fulfill our mutual sacred pledge and inspire others to do so as well.
Kerry Gordon - Toronto, ON CA
Now, more than ever, we need to find commonground. The planet has grown too small to allow difference to separate us.
Tom Feldman - La Canada, CA US
May the Call be a new way and another way to catalyze the growth of compassion and wisdom in our human family.
Bev Feldman - La Canada Flintridge, CA US
Beautifully done.
Jim Walkup, Doctor of Ministry - New York, NY US
May our search for this at-one-ment bear the fruits of joy and peace and love for all woman and mankind! Hallelujah, Amen
Geoffrey Caine - Idyllwild, CA US
What a pleasure to see and hear and feel the spirit in this.
Joe Zimmerman, ofm - Quincy, IL US
I am a Christian in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi, a servant priest in the Catholic community, and a sociologist (Ph.D.) in private practice, after 30 years of teaching
Thomas Strieker - Madison, WI US
Georgene L. Wilson, OSF - Wheaton, IL US
Let us constantly call ourselves and others to be ONE.
Asa Plesner - Skarpnack, St SE
James Bootenade - Chicago, IL
Thomas Sluszkiewicz - M nchen, DE
Polish: znam codzienna technike, ktora prowadzi swiadmego mieszkanca planety Ziemia do Duchowej Postawy Ziemianina, to znaczy: bycia Obywatelem naszego Swiata. Duchowa Postawa Ziemianina jest niezalezna od koloru skory, religii, rasy majatku ani od politycznych przekonan.
Philip Goldberg - Los Angeles, CA US
May the Call reach hearts and minds -- and voices -- around the Globe.
John ODonnell - Crestone, CO US
An Interfaith Minister that believes that all paths lead to the Divine. I feel what you are doing is the right path for our future.
Evita - taipei, TW
Andy James - Hastings, Canada
I hope the Call to GSC resonates with what people are feeling in their hearts, albeit confused and stressed. In this way, the individual can make a difference and be heard.
Robert Forman - Hastings-On-Hudson, NY USA
Its a privilege to imagine true global spiritual citizens!
Maureen ORear - Atlanta, GA USA
Wonderful sentiments.
Rob Burgner - Atlanta, GA USA
All the best in realizing your vision. Beautiful website BTW.
katie - chicago , IL



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